Special edition πŸ‘€
Is substack the new twitter

July 2022

calling all rabbit hole voyagers, paying you to think, and cultivating a long term mindset

March 2022

going all in on startupy, community-curated search, consistency > intensity

November 2021

Introducing The Modern Billboard, invest in and own digital real estate on promising sites

October 2021

Re-organizing the world's information: why we need more boutique search engines

July 2021

tokenized advertising, reframing failure as possibility, and why the talent is staying focused

June 2021

Knowledge from the people that don't write enough
on my mind

May 2021

and you can own it
An NFT experiment in Attribution+ and how the original vision of the Internet is making a comeback

February 2021

the freedom, the flexibility, the likes give us status, but a lingering sadness lurks.