CYP – Become a Startupy First Friend

Access to a private database of 4,000+ startups and 2,500+ content entries with summaries

Hi, I’m Sari Azout and this is Check your Pulse, a tech and startups newsletter designed to make you feel human. I try to make this one of the best emails you get every two weeks(ish). 

Earlier this week, I shared what I’m working on:
(We had over 2,000 people join our waitlist, the announcement is here !)

Today, I’m excited to personally invite you into a special circle of First Friends – a community of thinkers and creators who are excited to help me build and shape Startupy.

This opportunity is exclusive for you, my readers. 

At this time, space is limited to 200 First Friends.

The first 60 First Friends pay $120.
After it becomes $180.

Become a First Friend

What do Startupy First Friends get?

Access to my digital brain 🧠

Private database of 4,000+ startups and 2,500+ content entries with summaries.

Early access to a searchable database with thousands of early stage startups and incredible content (with highlights), all categorized by topic to help with discoverability. This is much more than just a list of links.

Years of work, and I have a feeling I’m underselling this.

Private product chats 💡

Exclusive discussions and a BTS look at our product thinking.

You’ll get to participate and join us in group video calls as we navigate the product questions keeping us up at night – from “Content Moderation and Curator Incentives” to “Embedding Ownership” to “Building Social Products without Vanity Metrics” and “The Future of Subscription Media Businesses”.

Building and thinking in public.

Early believer membership 🤑

1 year of free membership after launch.

When we launch, you'll get a free Startupy membership for 12 months.

I value your vote of confidence.

Deck and roadmap 👀

Real-time visibility.

You'll get access to a deck outlining our strategy, vision, and roadmap.

I believe in radical transparency.

Forever credited 🏆

A place on the Hall of First Friends.

You will be credited as a First Friend in your profile when we launch!

Unless you prefer anonymity.

Gift 🎁


First 60 friends get extra love.

Trust me, it's good.

Become a First Friend

I’ll spare you the for-the-price-of-a-cup-of-coffee-a-day analogies and just say this.

If you like what you’ve seen before in this newsletter, you’ll like Startupy. If you work at a startup, invest in startups, think about startups, or just want to be part of something that offers credible ground for optimism, you’ll love what we’re building. 

If you made it this far, thank you for even considering becoming a First Friend of Startupy!

If you have any questions, just email me. I’m here, nervous and excited to announce this – even privately.

Stay real 🙏